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Is This the End of Alexa Chung's Bangs As We Know Them?

Could the bangs that sent a thousand scissors a-snipping soon be ancient hipstery?

Could the bangs that (most likely) sent a thousand scissors a-snipping this year soon be ancient hipstery*?

Alexa Chung was spotted yesterday looking, quite frankly, stunning at a signing for her just-released book It at Bookmarc in NYC. Her cozy sweater, sparkly pencil skirt, and perfect red lips made for a pretty fab fashion moment. But one thing was notably missing from her flaw-free visage: Bangs! Er... Fringe! (Whatever.) For the past year or two, Chung's bangs have been to fashion girls what Zooey Deschanel's bangs have been to regular people--an inspiration. At least two ladies in our office have, at one time or another, run to their respective salons clutching a photo of Chung's perfectly choppy, tousled mop. And that fringy bit up front was an important aspect of the look.

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We aren't declaring the bangs DOA just yet--Chung sported an eyelash-grazing fringe as recently as last week--but we have to admit, the clipped-to-the-side thing does add quite an air of cool sophistication to her usual look. No use hiding a perfectly good forehead, right? Her hair stylist George Northwood couldn't immediately be reached for comment, but one thing's for sure--we'll be keeping our eyes on Chung and her evolving 'do in the days and weeks ahead. More than usual, we mean.

*I once went on a date with a guy whose web moniker was Ancient_Hipstery. Credit where credit is due.