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John Galliano's Charlie Rose Interview Is Now a Play, With Puppets

Watch a clip of the play, which asks, "Who really pulls the strings in the fashion industry?"
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John Galliano's comeback tour wages on--except the designer didn't really have anything to do with this particular endeavor.

French indie fashion mag Vestoj just launched its fourth issue, the theme of which is "fashion and power." So, naturally, former Dior designer Galliano came to mind. But in lieu of another heart-wrenching exposé, the magazine staged a six-act puppet show inspired by Galliano's tell-all interview with Charlie Rose, in which he talked about his struggles with addiction and thoughts of suicide.

"What to us was remarkable about the interview was the level to which it seemed manipulated, controlled, spin-doctored," Vestoj editor-in-chief Anja Aronowsky Cronberg explained. "The whole affair seemed shrouded in smoke and mirrors, like things in the fashion industry (and in public life in general) often are. Both Galliano and Rose appeared to be acting out some very clearly defined roles, with very little scope for improvisation. Not too dissimilar from a puppet show in fact."

In Vestoj's show, a puppet version of Galliano is interviewed by a female human "Charlene" (Vestoj took some liberties), and occasionally they break character to "start discussing what they are in the process of doing." Mini Galliano wears a Napoleon-style outfit inspired by what John Galliano wore to take his bow after the Spring 2007 Dior haute couture show.

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The play, titled Little John Talks, debuted at a launch event for the issue on October 11, but, fortunately, it's going on tour! Next up is a December 10 show at Silencio in Paris, and then on February 4, it arrives at the London College of Fashion.

Here's hoping it becomes a hit and eventually makes its way out to the States. Either way, here's a clip to give you an idea: