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Kate Bosworth on Her Topshop Collab and Designing Her Own Line

Sounds like she's transitioning from collaborations into designing her own line...
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Kate Bosworth certainly was busy last week. The actress-cum-designer launched her second capsule collection for Topshop, which is already getting props for the pared down, elevated basics offered for the fall/winter season. She was also one of the keynote speakers for the first day of Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference Thursday.

As this month’s Lucky cover girl, she was an obvious choice for the "Style Conversation" segment, moderated by editor-in-chief Eva Chen. The two took the stage for what felt like more like a girl talk sesh than a Q&A, dishing about Bosworth's style evolution, life with new husband Michael Polish, and that bespoke Oscar de la Renta gown she wore for her wedding day.

We caught up with Bosworth after the panel to get the scoop on her experience designing for Topshop, and her future in fashion.

Fashionista: You mentioned on the panel that this Topshop collab was a learning experience for you. What's the most valuable thing you've learned during design process? Kate Bosworth: To edit. It's one of the more difficult aspect of any artistic process. To really focus what the message is and to make a choice of what you want to put out and the feeling you want to put out. I know, even in my own experience, there might be a piece you put a lot of passion behind, but it doesn't quite fit with the story, so it must be sacrificed.

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What’s your favorite piece from this latest collection? I have so many! That is a real driving force behind what I design, I want every piece to be something I covet, that I’m a fan of, that I want to wear. When people ask me ‘who do you dress for,' I say I dress for myself. When I design I want to put on a piece and feel instantly great about what I’m wearing. I do love this piece [the silver asymmetric leather skirt I might have to pick up] a lot, and I wore red leather pants last night which were so soft and have the perfect fit. We just spent a lot of time on them. The other piece I’m obsessed with is… well, I love all the white leathers. The idea of the monochrome was the driving force behind the vision of the collection. The white leather lab coat, I was obsessive about it in the design process. Whenever it felt like it wasn’t coming together, I pushed that one because it’s versatile. You can wear it with any type of jean. A white leather coat is a piece that instantly makes something look expensive.

So, this is your second time doing a collection for Topshop… any plans for a third, fourth, or fifth? I felt a completion with this collection. I started with the Christmas digital card, well, it was really a digital film. I helped design a dress on that. And then festival, which is Spring/Summer. And then, this fall [collection]. I felt a completion in this particular journey with Topshop. I think the next thing that I’d like to explore is... I think you always want to keep pushing yourself to do something in which I’d be even more involved with.

So does that mean there might be a Kate Bosworth line in the future? Potentially! I don’t take anything lightly, and if I were to take that on, I’d have a really wonderful team, and that’s something that’s important. I don’t pretend to sit here and say, ‘I know everything about everything.’ I’m learning slowly as I move along.