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Kim Kardashian Says Baby North Already Has a 'Really Cool' Fashion Sense

Also, she's FOUR MONTHS OLD.
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For its latest issue, Grazia spoke with Kim Kardashian about motherhood--more specifically, her baby daughter North's designer-filled wardrobe. (We're assuming the interview occurred prior to the reality TV star's OTT stadium engagement to baby daddy Kanye West.) During which, Kim fills us all in on her baby's personal style. Because, you know, babies have that.

"She has a really cool, simple style. She likes sweet things that are not too frilly," Kardashian really, actually said. "She likes to be comfortable." (Good thing you kept the receipt for that size 3-6 months lace-up corset, huh?) "I hope she will be into fashion," KK continued. "There will be nothing sweeter that the two of us getting ready together for the day."

And Kardashian's grateful for all the pricey loot Riccardo, Margiela, et al have contributed to her baby's closet: "I'm going to cherish all of those amazing clothes that the designers sent us," she said--even though, you know, Nori probably refuses to wear any of it. That tulle baby Lanvin dress is frilliness defined.

If you're wondering though, why Kardashian's the one being interviewed about North's closet and not the babe herself... I mean, she's only been alive for like, 120 days or so and therefore hasn't learned how to talk. That said, "She's very calm. She's the sweetest little girl. When she's around her dad she sits and wants to talk--I feel like she has so much to say to him, but she can't speak."

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Epilogue: I'm not a mother--but there's a fair chance that someday, I will be. And when that day comes, if I ever start talking about my infant's sartorial taste and his or her affinity for "sweet, comfortable clothing" at the age of four freaking months, I hope someone has the good sense to please tie me down, tape my mouth shut, and force me to re-read this article. Thank you.