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Lula Founder Leith Clark Is Leaving the Magazine

Her new project? "Violet."
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It may not have scantily-clad pop stars on its covers or politicians in its pages, but Lula has been one of my (and Fashionista's) favorite fashion magazines since its inception.

Its gorgeous, dreamy, ultra-feminine editorials, perfect market stories, and super cool subjects make Lula one of the loveliest, most pleasant and enjoyable fashion reads around. We never fail to connect with its youthful, nostalgic feel. And, though the magazine does use other stylists, it's all very Leith Clark, who founded the magazine eight years ago.

But yesterday, she announced that she'll be leaving. "Issue seventeen is my last. It’s time," Clark wrote on her blog. "Lula has been changing, as I have been changing, and I don’t want her to change too much! I want her to stay as she is. And me, I want to say goodbye now when it’s all going so amazingly well. When it’s joyful."

Clark then cheered us up with this news: "Thank you for joining me on this adventure. And I hope you will join me for my next one: Violet will launch spring 2014."

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We're very excited for Violet (which we presume to be a new magazine), but also intrigued by what the future holds for Lula, and what made Clark decide to leave the magazine she founded. Chances are the "changes" she referred to weren't good ones. Perhaps pressure from publishers to make it more commercial?

We've reached out to Lula and Clark and will report back if we learn more.