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Marc Jacobs Says He Decided to Leave Louis Vuitton This Morning

"This was never my intention to be the last show."
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Perhaps in an effort to dispel the notion that Marc Jacobs and business partner Robert Duffy had a strained relationship with LVMH head Bernard Arnault, and that Jacobs's departure from Vuitton had anything to do with that, all three of them sat down for an interview with WWD to discuss the decision and the future of both brands.

They explained that the choice was an inevitable part of a longterm strategy to grow the Marc Jacobs brand. “This [Marc Jacobs] brand has an enormous potential all over the world,” Arnault told WWD. “To materialize this potential, we decided together within the next two or three years, to do an IPO."

However, the details of when Jacobs would part ways with Vuitton were not so mapped out. In fact, somewhat shockingly, Jacobs said he basically made the decision today (the day of his show), partially because people wouldn't stop talking about it.

“Mr. Arnault left [the decision of which Louis Vuitton collection would be his last] to Robert and me,” Jacobs said. “Two weeks ago when I arrived back in Paris, he said, ‘The future of Marc Jacobs will require so much of your and Robert’s attention that at some point you will have to decide when you will make it your last show.’ But he left it to us to decide. And we had just--probably brought on by the [WWD] story and all the rumors--we just decided like [today].”

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Apparently, it was just a coincidence that the show had retrospective elements, as most reviewers pointed out. “They will read into all sorts of things," said Jacobs. "The choices that I made were based on something completely different. This was never my intention to be the last show. The three of us, with Michael [Burke, the CEO of Louis Vuitton]’s company, decided that [last-minute]. So again, whatever.”

Whatevs! All we can say is: Thank you, Marc! Not that it isn't exciting stuff, but we were getting a little tired of repeatedly writing about these same rumors.

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