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Maybelline's New Lip Gloss Is Blowing Our Minds

It's just sooooo coooooool.
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Confession time: I'm not a lip gloss girl. Most of the shiny, glittery, sticky samples that come through the Fashionista office wind up smeared on a tissue within five seconds flat--sorry PR people! But Maybelline's new Color Elixir gloss is kind of in another league.

The way I see it, this is lip gloss for ladies who think they're too cool to be carrying lip gloss (including yours truly)--whoever came up with the design concept for the packaging is an absolute wizard. The amount I freaked out when it was delivered to our office this week isn't normal. (I should mention that my flare for the dramatic generally doesn't warrant most of my reactions to be considered 'normal,' but for the sake of this post, just bear with me.)

Seriously though, can we talk about this? Each shade (there are 20 in all, and as per the release, they're spellbinding) comes in a clear case that looks like a regular ole lipstick tube--as in, the thing you see inside the case looks like a plain stick of solid lip color. Until you try to pull the tube open: Good luck with that. I tried pulling on the end for a good two minutes before I discovered that what I had thought was the lipstick was actually a lipstick-shaped well of lip gloss--pardon me--glass shine serum. Gah! I'm getting excited again just typing about it.

When you twist the end of the tube, out comes a little pointy leaf-shaped applicator (which, I might add, makes application a total breeze). Surprise! I'll tell you what, though. It was enough to get me to try this lip gloss innovative lip color for more than a few seconds--and that's saying a lot. And as for the Color Elixir itself? I'm into it. Almost as much as the packaging.

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Maybelline's Color Elixir by Color Sensational will be available in November.