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Michael Kors Talks #WatchHungerStop and His Love of Hillary Clinton

Today, October 16, is World Food Day, and a beloved fashion figure is throwing his weight behind the cause: Michael Kors.
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Today, October 16, is World Food Day, and a beloved fashion figure is throwing his weight behind the cause: Michael Kors.

You may have noticed across your social media channels today that the fashion community is obsessed with the hashtag #WatchHungerStop, which is splashed across a Kors-designed shirt--but that's not all Kors is doing to raise awareness.

GIF-ready photobooths were set up in his boutiques uptown and in SoHo, as well as in Berlin, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo. Shoppers could snap photos in a free shirt, and their GIFs were displayed all day in Times Square (see mine below). Also available for purchase was Kors's 100 Series Watch—$25 of the proceeds goes to donating food for those in need, and believe it or not, that $25 equals 100 meals.

It's all part of a campaign for the United Nations World Food Programme, who fights hunger across the globe. We caught up with the designer at his Rockefeller Center store this morning to ask about the Watch Hunger Stop campaign and about giving out his first-ever Michael Kors Award for Community Service this evening to none other than Hillary Clinton.

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Fashionista: What inspired you to put this together today? Kors: The best thing about fashion is it's one of those things where you can transform someone quickly, and just seeing what nutrition and food can do to transform people with God's Love We Deliver for 20 years [is inspiring]. With that thought, [we wanted to figure out] how we can take this around the world.

The World Food Program has been amazing, they really can get the food to everyone who needs it. So we just want to engage people and help them realize they can make a difference. You don't have to be a billionaire, you can really change someone's life. In under six months we've delivered 1.8 million meals just off of the watch that I designed. But you know, skip a cappuccino and it's a month's meals [for the charity]. So today is about letting everyone know, no matter what your age is or what your income bracket is, you can help.

So tell me a little bit about the watch--it's beautiful! Of course, the best thing in the world is you can have something that is functional, glamorous, and at the same time can not only raise money, but every time you're wearing it if someone says, "Oh I love your watch!" and you say, "That's the 100 Series watch," it continues the conversation. So even if you can't buy the watch, skip your coffee, go down to God's Love, chop vegetables, get involved. And I love something that reminds you every day that you did something great.

And of course, today is a very busy day for you. How does it feel to be giving out the first Michael Kors Award for Community Service at tonight's God's Love We Deliver ceremony? Really very, very exciting. When I think about how God's Love started--truly just four people downtown in New York--and now we've seen the organization become something that encompasses all illnesses. Unfortunately the problem doesn't go away and the reality is so many meals need to be served.

And you know, when I think about community service, to me no one on this planet has been more about community service than Hillary Clinton. The world is her community. To be able to present that to her tonight, it's really going to be an amazing night.