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'Perfectionist' Kerry Washington Isn't Too Stressed About Being the Best Dressed Person in the World

Yes, we exchanged words with the beacon of perfection and joy that is Kerry Washington. Don't be jealous.
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Last night, all of my dreams came true as I had the pleasure of attending the Scandal season three premiere event at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Scandal, if you're not familiar, is basically the best show ever, and most of the gladiators cast made it to Saks as well--including Scott Foley (Jake), Darby Stanchfield (Abby), Guillermo Diaz (Huck), Katie Lowes (Quinn), Joshua Malina (David Rosen), and, most importantly, Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope.

Washington was the last to take the red carpet and, wearing plaid Prada, totally lived up to the title of Best Dressed Person in the World, recently bestowed upon her by Vanity Fair (and also maybe concealed a baby bump--she was glowing--but that's a different story).

We had to ask whether the proclamation has had any sort of profound or anxiety-inducing effect on her.

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"I'll tell you two things about that," she began. "When that was announced, that day I went to work in sweats. And, my goal has never been to wind up on anybody's list and it's just to have a good time and make sure that I'm happy when I'm on the red carpet, so that's going to continue to be my goal, and I'm glad people like it."

Still, it's pretty obvious that Washington is a fashion fan--Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo has told us as much--and she even had a hand in designing the Scandal window installations currently on display at Saks. In fact, she got so into it that she and Paolo drove up at 1 a.m. the night before they debuted to do last minute tweaks. "I got in [from a flight] at 1 a.m., told the driver, 'Take me to Saks,' and I came in and called Lyn Paolo and we were on the phone making final tweaks. We are perfectionists."

Washington's perfectionism must be paying off. With a hit show, a new husband, and a bevy of magazine covers, 2013 has definitely been her year.