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Rihanna and Miley Cyrus Class Up Raunchy Videos with Lots of Chanel

No amount of Chanel could distract us from all of that twerking.

In the past week, two of music's most conversation-starting artists, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, have released videos for their new singles, and boy are they raunchy. Though the tracks don't have too many things in common, their corresponding clips share a couple of major similarities: One being an abundance of Chanel accessories, the other being an abundance of, well, ass.

In the video for Mike Will Made-It's new track "23," we see Cyrus gyrating her way through a high school in a two-piece Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls uniform, rapping about getting tattoos and smoking weed. But, she wears some killer Chanel through it all—including the cuff and tiny 2.55 bag below.

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Just this afternoon, Rihanna released the video for her new single "Pour It Up," which predominately features the singer on a stripper pole, posing suggestively on a throne, and—of course!—twerking. So much twerking. We immediately got mid-'90s hip-hop queen vibes as soon as we watched, and much like Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown in their heyday, Rihanna was dripping in Chanel, including a pair of huge earrings bearing the double-C logo and this bondage-y, chain bodice.

While we have lots of bigger questions about these videos regarding cultural appropriation and contributions to feminism, what we're really dying to know is: Does Karl Lagerfeld have any deep thoughts on twerking?

Watch Rihanna's brand new video right here.