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The Techiest Fashion Collab Yet? eBay Teams Up with the CFDA on Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is getting a fashion-y makeover from Michael Bastian, Rachel Zoe and more.
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Wearable tech is getting a fashion-y makeover.

eBay and the CFDA have teamed up to commission five American designers to create limited edition, wearable unisex tech bracelets that double as USB chargers. They include Mara Hoffman (whose bracelet is pictured above), Michael Bastian, Shipley & Halmos, Milly, and Rachel Zoe. They'll go for a reasonable $25 a pop, and 100% of proceeds benefit the CFDA.

It's a pretty timely project--wearable tech is a hot topic lately with the proliferation gadgets like Google Glass and smart watches. It's also the first instance of cool, established fashion designers creating wearable tech that might actually appeal to people who are into fashion--something a lot of tech people fall short on. There have been rumors that Warby Parker is collaborating with Google on a more stylish version of the Google Glass. Perhaps this is the beginning of fashion designers and tech companies teaming up?

They're also a really good holiday gift (hence the timing). Who doesn't want to be able to charge their phone with their wrist?

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The bracelets will be available exclusively on eBay beginning November 11.