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Tyra Banks Uses 11-Page IMDB Profile as Exhibit A in Wig Lawsuit

Tyra Banks is seeking an injunction that will ban several wig companies from using her image to sell products, as well as a whopping $10 million in damages--and she's using her IMDB profile to do it.

It's not often we say that Rihanna's taught us a valuable life lesson, but we're thinking that brands should learn from her nasty lawsuit with Topshop—and fast.

The latest celebrity to unleash her wrath on a company (10 companies to be exact) that unlawfully used her image is Tyra Banks. She's suing a group of wig brands that have used her name, likeness, and identity without her consent in order to help sell their product. According to TMZ, the companies in question have used Banks's photos on their websites, which feature Tyra-inspired wig styles.

We know the former supermodel isn't known for her levelheaded responses to everyday situations, but her case seemed pretty reasonable to us—that is, until we read this:

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"Several pages of the lawsuit are spent on spelling out how valuable her trademark is because she's a huge star... and to prove it her IMDB profile—all 11 pages—are attached to the suit as Exhibit A."

Banks is seeking an injunction that will ban the companies in question from using her image and selling any unauthorized products, as well as a whopping $10 million in damages. That may be excessive, but we certainly weren't expecting the star to settle with a cease and desist and a smize.