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20 Instances of Mary-Kate Olsen Looking Cold

"It's so. cold. Everywhere. Always." --Mary-Kate Olsen
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When designer and perfumer Mary-Kate Olsen attended a Knicks game with her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy last weekend, we noticed a trend. Not a fashion trend, per se, but a trend of Mary-Kate Olsen always being extremely bundled-up, regardless of the season or her location. Her body temperature just seems to run a little lower than everyone else's.

She uses a mix of scarves, fur coats, regular jackets, and more fur coats, which, while surely making her feel more comfortable, also make her look a lot colder than everyone else around her.

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Perhaps it's her slight frame or a medical condition (hope not!) or she just hasn't let go of her propensity to pile on as many items as possible from her boho, bag lady-chic days.

Whatever it is, we think it's funny. So click through for 20 photos of Mary-Kate Olsen looking cold. Brrrr.

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