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A Mathematical Guide to Understanding Lady Gaga's Ridiculous Outfits

It's been a week-long Gaga pop quiz and we have all the answers:
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There was a time in the not so distant past when we thought that Lady Gaga's wacky fashion sense had hit a wall -- and we'd be lying if we said we weren't a tad relieved. A girl can only wear befuddling ensembles like meat dresses and Kermit corpses for so long, right?


Over the past week, while promoting her upcoming album Artpop, Gaga's every outfit has been more mistifying than the last -- and not at all the "refined, paired back" looks we were anticipating.

So, in an effort to better comprehend the recent cheese masks and shell parasols, we've decided to break down each of Gaga's getups into simple arithmetic equations -- easy enough for someone who can't remember how to do long division (me! Sorry, Mrs. Keenan) to follow.

It's been a week-long Gaga quiz and we have all the answers:

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Belle from Beauty and the Beast + a moldy wedge of cheese + a fluffy red fox = Lady Gaga on October 24.

Salvador Dali's 'stache + a party magician's cape + Bettie Page = Lady Gaga on October 24.

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The Giving Tree kid + baby powder + Moulin Rouge-era Christina Aguilera + The Ghost of Christmas Past from A Muppet Christmas Carol = Lady Gaga on October 25.

Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" + Maurice from Beauty and the Beast + Dee Snider+ Bob Dylan = Lady Gaga (in Dolce & Gabbana) on October 26.

Potato sticks (YUM) + a mime + Julius Caesar's headpiece = Lady Gaga on October 28.

Cher's infamous Bob Mackie + a porcupine = Lady Gaga (in Louis Vuitton) on October 29.

A sexy Pilgrim + a black cobra + Mary Poppins = Lady Gaga on October 30.

Gymnastics chalk + medical gauze + Elizabeth Taylor + artificial tears = Lady Gaga on November 1.