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And the Collaboration of the Year Award Goes to... Boo x Crocs

Forget Isabel Marant x H&M -- Boo x Crocs is where it's at.
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You may have thought there was nothing in this world that could ever make Crocs cute. Well... how about an endorsement from 'The World's Cutest Dog'?*

According to License Magazine (via Glamour), Boo, that glassy-eyed Pomeranian who's stared deep into your soul from both your web browser and the bookshelves of Urban Outfitters, recently inked a deal with the rubbery, perforated clogs -- so beloved by nurses, soccer moms, and preschoolers alike.

The collaboration has yielded two Boo-inspired 'Jibbitz,' perhaps better known to non-wearers as those foam-looking things that little kids use to decorate their Crocs. Both styles are available on the Crocs site for $2.95 each.

Said Tamra Knepfer, who facilitated the collab, "Boo’s whole ‘I’m a dog, life is good’ outlook is built around being cute and comfy, so this Crocs deal is a perfect fit for our licensing program." Who knew a dog's personal mantra could be so bankable?

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Of course, as with most business deals, we were able to uncover something a bit scandalous regarding Boo x Crocs: On his Facebook, Boo lists his favorite pastime as "wearing shirts" -- no mention of wearing Crocs whatsoever. And here we thought dogs were meant to be loyal...

*Don't worry, Huckleberry. You're still the cutest to me.