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How to Organize Your Outfits on Your iPhone

Stop wasting time trying on multiple outfits every morning. Use your smartphone to organize your outfits instead.

One of my favorite topics of discussion -- or complaints, depending on your point of view -- is how much more time women dedicate to their appearance than men, time that could be spent furthering their education, strengthening their friendships or advancing their careers.

Take mornings. On days when we leave for work at the same time, I wake up a full hour before my boyfriend -- wash and style my hair, put on makeup, get dressed and make a breakfast smoothie.

One thing I don't do -- and that, I learned recently, many of my friends still do -- is try on multiple outfits in a morning. About two years ago, I downloaded an app called Cloth. Every time I put together a new outfit, I snap a pic with my iPhone and save it to Cloth with some organizational tags, like "fall" "fashion week" or "black tie." When I wake up on a weekday morning, I don't go to my closet to pick out an outfit -- I just open up Cloth.

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It's a big time-saver. Before Cloth, I often made myself late for work by changing outfits several times before heading out the door. Seeing what I wear most -- or what I packed for my last warm-weather vacation -- helps me pack for trips as well. I can't recommend it enough.

The app can be downloaded for free on iTunes. iPhone users should also check out another free wardrobe-organizing app, Closet, which is slightly more robust: It allows you to organize your outfits on a calendar, calculate cost per wear and even create visual packing lists.

If you have any other time-saving tips, please send them my way. (And try not to judge my room too harshly -- one of these days I'll learn how to properly shut my dresser drawers.)