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David Beckham Looks Predictably Hot in New Belstaff Ad

From underpants to outerwear: We've known David Beckham was going to be the new, ridiculously attractive face of Brit heritage brand Belstaff for several months now, but today brings us a few new insights.
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We've known David Beckham was going to be the new, ridiculously attractive face of Belstaff for several months now. Today, we got a first peek at Beckham's print campaign for the British heritage brand (via WWD) and found out he's designing a capsule collection for the company as well.

The campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh and meant to evoke "the spirit of a band of brothers traveling across the English countryside," is just as dirty and greasy and OMG DAVID BECKHAM IS SO HOT as you'd expect it to be. There's a motorcycle, a tin coffee mug, lots of leather and an interesting 5:1 ratio of men to women. And sadly, the lone female isn't me.

Golden Balls -- who's just been nominated for a British Style Award -- has also, as we mentioned, designed a special Beckham for Belstaff Collection. The details of the line haven't been revealed yet, but we're going to take a wild guess and predict that PETA won't be too pleased with it. We'll keep you posted.

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My only wish is that Belstaff had kept Ewan McGregor on board in addition to Becks, rather than replacing him full stop -- if only for the potential fanfic...

UPDATE: As per WWD, the Beckham x Belstaff capsule collection is comprised of nine "easy-to-ride-in pieces" -- including a gray-blue leather biker jacket, a red biker jacket, twill riding pants, leather pants, and a shoulder bag -- inspired by eternal cool guys Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and of course, Beckham himself. It will be available in Belstaff stores and online starting in March 2014, with pieces retailing for $395 to $1,895.

And one little item to warm your heart: Each piece in the collection is marked with a vintage-looking 'Beckham 2014 Belstaff' badge -- which, Beckham told WWD, was chosen by his two-year-old daughter Harper. "I had a number of badges to choose from, I laid them all out in front of Harper and she picked it," he said. It's all just too much, really.