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Future Fashion Editor? 17-Year-Old Harry Brant on His Burgeoning Writing Career

Harry Brant is now a columnist for -- shocker -- Interview. He took a break from, er, school today (sorry teachers!) to answer a few questions for us about how his new column came about, what we can expect, his Thanksgiving plans and why his eyebrows are so perfect. Read on.
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Here at Fashionista, we've had a soft spot for Harry Brant ever since he penned a very entertaining dispatch of his Paris couture week experience for us at the tender age of 15. And my how he's grown since then.

Brant, one half of New York's famed, quotable and well-connected 'Brant brothers' -- the progeny of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and publisher Peter Brant -- is now a mature 17 and just landed his first regular column in Interview. "The Look," which will feature his musings on beauty and interviews with various subjects, is set to debut in the mag's December-January issue. We're not sure how he's found the time between going to class and gallivanting around New York and Europe with society types and fashion VIPs, but given his expansive beauty routine, this sounds right up his alley.

We know what you're all thinking: Interview is published by Brant's father and chances are that relationship facilitated the connections that were necessary to make this column happen. However, it's not like Brant just snapped his fingers and got the writing job. In addition to this website, Brant has also written several travel and event diaries for W. Plus, anyone with a Twitter as consistently hilarious as Brant's deserves an opportunity to write somewhere with a limit larger than 140 characters, in our humble opinion.

But we'll let Brant tell his side of the story. He took a break from, er, school today (sorry teachers!) to answer a few questions for us about how the column came about, what we can expect, his Thanksgiving plans and why his eyebrows are so perfect. Read on.

Can you tell me a little bit about how the column came about? Was this something you'd wanted to do for a while?

Yes, I've wanted to do this for a while, but Karl Templer is really the one responsible for "The Look"'s inception. He created the concept for a fun kind of gossipy beauty piece, which I thought was beyond genius.

Tell me a bit about what we can expect. Will the column include your own thoughts or advice or just interviews with others?

It will include both; it will have some aspects of beauty advice and my thoughts on beauty, but it will also vary on the interview subject. Some issues, the conversation could lead us to anything from eyelash extensions and sex hair to 18th century architecture or favorite punk music. I just hope everyone realizes that I don't take myself seriously, so they should understand not to take the humor in the pieces seriously. (That was my way of basically saying I think I'm funny.)

Who are you most dying to interview?

I don't really know; the thing with Interview is that all my fantasy interviewees can easily be made into reality so I don't want to give away future ideas, but that's probably the world's most annoying answer, so I think Madonna would be an incredible person, with some amazing experiences.

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Is writing something you're passionate about? When did you realize it was something you were interested in? Do you envision a career as an editor or journalist?

English was always my favorite class but honestly I never envisioned a career in journalism. I just started regularly writing in my journal, but then I actually published one of my exact journal entries and realized how much I enjoyed the whole process. I don't know if I see myself becoming an editor or journalist, but I'm only 17, so I would like to further educate myself and have a few more life experiences before I commit to a profession.

Fair enough. So are you working on any other extracurricular activities you can tell us about?

Yes, there's one really big project I'm working on that will take a little over a year to develop; however if I open my big mouth and tell you all about it, I would be in serious trouble.

It sounds like your column will feature beauty: What are your current favorite beauty products and where do you get your eyebrows done (they're so good - we're obsessed)?

I love the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, and of course every Dolce and M.A.C. pencil ever made ever. Saying you like my eyebrows you might as well have told me I won the lottery! I only went to Anastasia brow studio once to get them shaped and have never done anything to them again, it was so good. Now the only thing I do is make sure I'm not rocking a unibrow.

Have any fab Thanksgiving plans?

Me and my family are all going away so we can celebrate together; it's going to be really nice.

Last question: Are you answering these questions while at school?

Yeah, I'm at school. I actually had to ask my teacher "to go to the bathroom" so I could finish this, which is a shame because I try to keep the impression that I never pee; I see it as a sign of weakness.

*Heart eyes emoji*