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15 Times John F. Kennedy's Hair Looked Impeccable

To spare you another eery slideshow of that ill-fated motorcade exactly 50 years ago today, we've put together a collection of JFK photos that's a bit lighter -- and some may say, fuller.
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As I'm sure most of you know, today, Nov. 22, 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. The media's once again gone Kennedy-crazy, overdoing it with coverage of JFK's life, legacy, and that fateful day in Dallas. I've lapped up every minute of it.

A Massachusetts native, I grew up going to the same beaches JFK brought his children to in Hyannis, Cape Cod -- albeit several decades later -- and there was a certain element of excitement that came with being in Kennedy territory. Every summer, we'd unabashedly pile into the car to drive by the Compound, hoping for a peek at the famous family in its natural environment. (Spying Teddy playing with golden retriever puppies on the lawn was the highlight of those trips.) There was a certain level of mystery and glamor surrounding the Kennedys that excited me even as a kid.

At 26, I can't even pretend to understand half of went on during JFK's life, publicly or privately. Half a century after his death, he's become more a myth than a man; even his family photos, which, during his administration, seemed so genuine and spontaneous, were apparently highly stylized photo-ops. (Guess that false presentation of a perfect life existed long before Facebook, eh?) But fictitious or not, it's these same pictures that continue to fascinate and inspire new generations of Kennedyphiles.

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There are very few people whose photo catalogues are more intriguing than Kennedy's. Fifty years have passed since his presidency, but his style somehow remains eerily modern. Whereas Mrs. Kennedy's pillbox hats and backcombed bouffant haven't exactly stood the test of time, her husband's wayfarer sunglasses, tailored suits and ridiculously full head of hair wouldn't look out of place on a current issue of Esquire.

And about that hair: JFK's was the stuff of legend. The newly widowed Jackie is said to have snipped off a lock of it when his body was laid to rest in its casket. No matter what he faced, professionally and personally, Kennedy was certainly one to keep up his appearance. That hair was nothing short of impeccable.

So, to spare you another morbid slideshow of that ill-fated motorcade, we've put together one that's a bit lighter -- and some may say, fuller. Click through for a collection of photos of JFK, and more importantly, JFK's hair looking terrific.

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