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Kendall Jenner Signs With The Society Management

It's a big step towards a legitimate modeling career for the reality TV star.
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Earlier this year, Elite World launched The Society Managament, an innovative New York-based branch that aims to cultivate long, diverse careers for its talent. Society already has an impressive roster of models, including Adriana Lima, Lindsey Wixson, Josephine Skriver, Sigrid Agren and more.

Though its latest recruit may surprise you: It's a Kardashian.

Well, technically, a Jenner. Kendall's fledgling modeling career has been chronicled a bit on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and she's already landed an almost-Vogue cover. She's also done a few other legitimate editorial features (in Lovecat and V Magazine), and just posted a photo of herself on Instagram earlier this week that looked very high fashion -- exposed nipples and all.

While most were too distraught by the fact that Jenner, who turned 18 this month, was showing her nipples to the Internet to think about anything else, we did a little digging. It turns out the photographer behind the image, Russell James -- who also lensed Jenner's Miss Vogue Australia editorial and does a lot of work with Victoria's Secret -- tagged The Society Management in his own Instagram of the pic. The Society Management then confirmed to us that it did indeed sign Jenner.

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It's a pretty big deal for her. While the rest of her family has gravitated toward the commercial side of the fashion industry, Jenner seems set on being taken seriously. And signing with Society -- a very legitimate and exciting new agency -- is certainly a step in the right direction. According to a New York Times profile last June, Jenner was previously represented by Wilhelmina.

Do you think Jenner has a bona fide fashion career ahead of her? And perhaps, more importantly, do you think she and Harry Styles make a cute couple?