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Kmart Goes Balls Out for Christmas Commercial

You know Adam Levine is ALL over this.
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Weh-heh-helllll then...

We're used to being emotionally accosted each winter by television commercials featuring the standard Christmas jingles and unfairly attractive men in expertly tailored suits (bearing shiny, color-coordinated gifts) at holiday parties -- the kind who'd never actually show up to any holiday party YOU'VE been invited to. But this year, Kmart decided to do things a little differently.

The discount store's new Joe Boxer ad features most of the aforementioned elements, with one rather large (though how large, exactly, we can't be sure) exception: These dudes aren't wearing pants. Oh, and they're making music with their crotches.

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The spot's titled "Show Your Joe," but we think "Jingle Balls" would've been more apt. We almost wonder if Kmart cohort Adam Levine had any say in the creative process -- this sort of thing seems right up his alley.

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