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Isabel Marant vs. Lady Gaga: Who Drew the Longest Lines at H&M?

H&M had a lot of people risking hypothermia in New York City last night and this morning.
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H&M had a lot of people risking hypothermia in New York City last night and this morning.

At midnight, the retailer opened a sprawling new flagship at 4 Times Square, where Lady Gaga was on hand to cut the ribbon and (allegedly shop around the store, which was also offering her album and an array of promotions. And this morning, of course, marked the launch of Isabel Marant for H&M, which hit the shelves at several H&M locations throughout the city, many of which have just opened.

Both H&M events of course had people waiting outside, eager to be among the first to get in. But whose fans braved the freezing temperatures (the low was 29 degrees) the longest? It looks like the Gaga fans were a bit more dedicated than Marant's.

As we reported Wednesday evening, Gaga fans were already in line 10 hours prior to Gaga's scheduled appearance at the Times Square store. One fan even told WWD she'd been waiting since 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. As far as we know, she's still alive. The line reportedly snaked around three blocks before the store opened. Gaga felt bad, though. “They’ve been out there since yesterday?" she asked in disbelief, according to the trade. “It’s so cold out. They’re going to get sick.”

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Indeed, there are going to be a lot of people staying home with colds this weekend. Though, perhaps the weather was less of a deterrent for Marant fans in NYC. The lines at Herald Square, Fifth Avenue and Flatiron were pretty paltry, according to the brave people over at Racked. As of 7 a.m. this morning, there were about 100 people at Herald Square, 60 at Fifth Avenue and 70 at Flatiron. And it sounds like things are pretty calm and items are still being re-stocked. Comparatively, Versace for H&M had fans getting in line nearly 24 hours in advance and some stores sold out within 30 minutes.

Why are people less crazed this time around? For one, Isabel Marant is not quite the household name Versace is. Plus, it's also going to be available online. We're certainly planning to attempt an online purchase today and we bet many are doing the same. Fingers crossed for a functioning website. If not, there will likely be plenty on eBay pretty soon...