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Lady Gaga's Terrifying Grill Is Actually a Bracelet

Believe it or not, these teeth were not meant to be worn in your mouth.

We've been keeping close tabs on the crazy outfits Lady Gaga has worn over the past couple of weeks to promote her upcoming album, Artpop. But at last night's YouTube Music Awards, we think she hit her pinnacle of weirdness. She showed up on the red carpet wearing a super creepy, crooked grill -- the same one she modeled for the artwork for her new single "Dope" -- and we admit that just looking at the above photo gives us the heebie jeebies.

Thanks to The Cut, we now know the origin of Gaga's terrifying mouthpiece: It's actually a bracelet by Danielle Hills, the young jewelry artist behind New York-based label Gilding Primal Instinct. In an interview, Hills told the site that she was first contacted by Gaga's team in 2010 when she was a senior at Pratt, and credited the singer with giving her the confidence to start her own label after she graduated. Nicola Formichetti, Gaga's former fashion director, was also an early supporter of Hills: He carried her entire collection in his New York City pop-up shop in 2011.

We have a feeling that this cuff would look way better on your wrist than in your mouth, so if you're looking to score the same piece that Gaga's made famous, you can get it for $180 right here. Gilding Primal Instinct also takes custom orders, if you have any extra teeth lying around.

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