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13 Leather Pieces Your Closet Needs Now

Last chance to channel James Dean -- or Kanye, if you prefer -- before temps dip below freezing.

Leather weather, as we affectionately like to call it, is officially upon is. Consider it that time of year when it's not quite cold enough to break out the down jackets and full-length coats, yet not warm enough to go traipsing around in just a cardigan anymore. We suggest you take advantage of the few brisk, parka-less days we have left and pick up some of these very cool -- and a little bit tough -- in-between pieces.

Whether you're a fan of the classic moto jacket or want to try something a bit more current (a pair of those leather jogging pants Kanye West recently ranted about, for example), basically every cool silhouette of the season can be found crafted from the stuff -- or its faux counterparts. Click through to shop our picks.

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