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Londoners Unhappy They Have to Pay More for J. Crew

Let's call it even?
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When an American brand opens up shop overseas (or vice versa) there are often noticeable price differences due to taxes, duties and other charges.

The latest example comes with J.Crew's foray into the UK market. The retailer opened its first London store on Friday and, as the Telegraph pointed out, there's a "catch." Apparently, J.Crew has, in several instances, switched dollar signs for pound signs; and at a $1.59 exchange rate, that means the Brits are paying quite a bit more than we are for the same goods.

A J.Crew spokesperson was very matter of fact about the situation: "There are not many products that don't vary in price from country to country... cars, cosmetics, electronics and so on. It's a fact of life."

We can sympathize, Londoners: Topshop typically costs a bit more here than in the UK, where it's based. For instance, a $130 dress on the site right is only £65 in the UK, which converts to only $104.27 at the current exchange rate.

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Our proposed solution: Let's just call it even.