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Michael Kors Enrages Instagram Users with First Ad

Commenters were not pleased to see a paid post in their feeds today.

If you love fashion, you're probably already one of Michael Kors's more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram. But if you're not one of the label's followers, you might have still seen one of his posts pop up in your feed today. Instagram officially launched ads today, and the New York-based brand was one of the first to partake -- provoking some less-than-positive reactions.

The advertisement, embedded above, looks like your typical still life photo from a fashion brand or blogger, but since it's paid content, it was distributed to a much wider audience than just Kors' followers. While the image had 123,000 likes at press time, the 980 comments were widely negative. The general sentiment among the post's commenters was anger -- not so much about the ad's content (let's be real, it's very pretty), but about the fact that there was a sponsored post in their feed.

As one of the most-followed brands on Instagram, it seems natural that Kors would be one of the first to give the platform's new advertising method a spin, but in doing so, the company invited some negative attention.

Michael Kors did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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