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Miley Cyrus Has Bleached Her Brows, Looks More Naked Than Ever

Just when we thought Miley Cyrus couldn't do anything else to shock the broad-minded masses of America...
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Just when we thought Miley Cyrus couldn't do anything else to shock the broad-minded masses of America...

Cyrus was oot 'n' aboot in LA Tuesday night, laughing it up with the likes of Lily Allen and Miranda Kerr. The latter posted a pouty-faced, black-and-white Instagram with the wild child pop star du jour, in which something seemed to be missing. At first, we assumed (reasonably so) that the snap had been retouched in post-production -- mostly since Cyrus's tongue wasn't hanging out of her mouth, and also because her eyebrows were notably absent.

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But another selfie on Allen's feed laid our fears to rest. Not only was Cyrus's tongue still very much intact (thanks be to god), her eyebrows were as well -- albeit in a freshly bleached-out state. It's a whole lotta look -- and a new level of nakedness, even for Cyrus.

Of course, she's just the latest in a string of many who have experimented with the Powder look: Kristen McMenamy, Lara Stone, Lady Gaga, and even Jared Leto (OK, so it was for a film role but you know he loved it) have all gone bare-browed for a spell. And bleached brows have been a staple on the runway for years now.

Back in 2010, we spoke to hair colorist Laurie Foley -- who has bleached models' brows at Marc Jacobs and Rodarte -- about the safety aspect of using the stuff around your eyes. Her advice? Definitely don't try to achieve the invisi-brow look at home -- and if your hair colorist is willing to put bleach on your face, you'll have to sign a waiver first. Which we're interpreting to mean you could go blind and die.

And even if you are willing to risk blindness or death or something far worse -- shocker! -- bleached brows don't suit most faces. Brows "give a face expression -- when they are not there the look hardens," Marie Claire UK's beauty and style director Lisa Oxenham told The Guardian. She also warned that going brow-less is "not advised if your face is round, long or if you're hungover."

Well, considering Cyrus's 21st birthday is this Saturday, she may want to get her hands on some dye ahead of time for a little Sunday morning coloring sesh.