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Miu Miu to Move 'a Number of Departments' to Paris

Italy's fashion industry is about to get a little smaller.
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Italy's fashion industry is about to get a little smaller.

Miu Miu, which has shown its collections in Paris since 2006 despite being based in Milan, has announced that it will move "a number of" its departments to Paris in order to "solidify Miu Miu's ties within the city," per a release.

The brand's industrial and commercial divisions will remain in Italy. Its marketing, PR and creative divisions, which are all perhaps more relevant to a brand's DNA, will presumably be relocated.

In the past, Miuccia Prada has caught flack -- at least from Giorgio Armani -- for showing one of her lines in Paris instead of Milan, at a time when Milan's fashion industry is having trouble competing with Paris. Surely, Armani won't be pleased to hear that Prada is expanding her presence there.

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Not that Prada herself has ignored fashion's slow shift from Italy to Paris (Valentino being one example). “With the sale of our luxury labels to foreigners, our entire system risks falling into second league,” Prada told La Republicca (via WWD) last year. “Because if our brands cross our borders, the credit, glamour, fame and decision-making is in the hands of others, and we are abandoned, downgraded.”

She has also said that she chose to show Miu Miu in Paris due to the challenges of staging two show in the same week. “It is materially impossible to create two shows a couple of days apart,” Prada's husband and CEO Patrizio Bertelli told WWD earlier this year. Prada added, “It’s the way we work, it’s impossible, nobody does it.”

Well, if that's the reason Prada began showing in Paris, the city must have turned out to be a good fit for the brand. It does seem to have a smart, youthful, Parisian energy that Prada does not. And with her bigger business still chugging along in Milan, Prada is far from neglecting the city entirely.