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Nick Grimshaw, Friend to Harry Styles and Alexa Chung, Nabs Fashion Ambassadorship

A primer on fashion's latest 'It' boy.
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Sometimes, if you want to get a cool fashion job, you spend years slaving away at a thankless internship, become an underpaid assistant for a while, and eventually work your way up to something a little more cushy and influential. Other times, you dress well, have a cool job that doesn't have anything to do with fashion, and befriend a lot of famous people.

This is essentially how 29-year-old Nick Grimshaw landed the role of menswear ambassador for London Collections: Men, London's Men's Fashion Week equivalent. He'll work with the committee to support and promote London's menswear design talent. Other ambassadors include supermodel David Gandy, TV host Dermot O'Leary and musician Tinie Tempah. The chair of LC: M, Dylan Jones, said Grimshaw's "innate style, his enormous influence, and his enthusiasm for British fashion" are what made him a perfect fit for the position.

Clearly, this is a name we're going to be hearing in connection with the British Fashion world for some time to come, especially given his ties to other British names we hear constantly (Harry Styles, Alexa Chung). So we've assembled a little primer on who this guy is.

He's a radio and television personality. To make a living, Nick Grimshaw hosts various radio shows on BBC 1 Radio, including the "Radio 1 Breakfast Show," a job he apparently isn't all that great at: Audience figures for that show were recently reported to be the worst for the station in over a decade. But it's not like this guy has a face -- or hair, or style -- for radio. He also does some TV presenting, including, in 2007, the daily breakfast show Freshly Squeezed, which he co-hosted alongside Alexa Chung. He's also been a panelist on The X-Factor, and currently hosts a show called Sweat the Small Stuff. Grimshaw recently made a foray into scripted television by making cameos in five of the UK's biggest soap operas, the details of which he will chronicle on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

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He's a man about town. And he dresses nice. When he's not hosting things, he's attending parties and fashion shows. He seems to average about an event per week on Getty Images, looking quite stylish in every photo. He tends to switch between a dapper tailored suit with skinny tie look and a more grungy skinny jeans with flannel and leather ensemble. He even rocked double-flannels long before Kanye's "Bound 2" video came out, and sat next to Harry Styles at the Fashion East runway show this past LFW. This year, he nabbed the number seven spot in British GQ's list of best dressed men.

His friends are cooler than yours. Grimshaw makes frequent appearances on Alexa Chung's Instagram and Twitter accounts. He also hangs out with Harry Styles, who makes appearances on his Radio 1 show, and was even rumored to have been responsible for Styles' and Kendall Jenner's recent rendezvous. Rita Ora, Daily Lowe, Pixie Geldof, Florence Welch and Kelly Osbourne also appear to be part of his crew of hip Londoners. He looks to be a pretty fun guy and seems like a British version of Derek Blasberg, who we're pretty sure he's also friends with.

Also fun: his Twitter. He currently has a respectable 1,464,919 follower on Twitter, where he shares funny-sounding things I don't really understand. His Instagram is pretty entertaining and filled with famous people.

And now Grimshaw officially has a fashion career. We'll be following his career trajectory closely over these next few seasons. Wait. Is he the male Alexa Chung?