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Cindy Crawford Shows One Direction How to Work the Runway

There's shirtless GIFs inside, if you're into that kind of thing.
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Christmas came a little bit early on Saturday for fans of One Direction in the form of something called "1D Day" -- a seven-plus hour long livestream filled with skits, interviews and generally adorable chaos.

One of the many surprise guests was Cindy Crawford, who might seem like an odd choice until you realize that Harry Styles once went over to her house to make pizza with her kids. (In case you needed to be reminded how perfect of a human being he is, the Telegraph reports that he first met the supe trying to cheer up her son who had just had his tonsils removed.)

Crawford had Styles and bandmate Liam Payne jump on the catwalk to compete in a Zoolander-style walk off. The two boybanders modeled tees featuring lyrics from their songs while they gave their best supermodel impersonations. Styles took a topless turn when he didn't have enough time to swap shirts (those quick changes are hard!).

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Styles didn't win (Payne delivered the best "Blue Steel") but really, don't we all win when two super hot dudes hit the runway?

Oh, and they also showed behind-the-scenes clips of the boys working out. Shirtless. Here have a GIF:

You're welcome. Check out the video of the boys on the catwalk above.