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Rihanna Does Marc Jacobs-Inspired Hair Once Again

Thank god it's not a mullet this time.

Rihanna, hair experimenter extraordinaire, recently debuted yet another new style -- a choppy bob/bowl cut hybrid that's very reminiscent of what came down the runway at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 collection.

While hers is a smoother, darker version of the jagged blonde wigs stylist Guido Palau plopped on the models at Jacobs, it's still in that boyish, very 1970s vein. She looks amazing -- no small feat considering it's probably one of the top three most difficult haircuts to pull off ever (other success stories: vintage Dorothy Hamill, the mom from One Day At a Time and Dora the Explorer).

This is actually the second time RiRi has attempted MJ runway hair -- the first was last fall when she went with a mullet after his Fall 2013 show (ie the one that set off all that "party in the front, business in the back" mania, with model Edie Campbell leading the pack).

Watch this space next spring to see if she chooses a MJ/Palau special for the hat trick.

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