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Scott Disick Helps Kourtney Kardashian Choose What Makeup to Wear

Those Kardashian boyfriends sure have a lot to say about their ladies' looks, huh?
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Kourtney Kardashian says she's done with her and her sisters' trademark heavy-handed beauty look. Well, for the moment, anyway.

During breakfast this morning (to celebrate the latest Kardashian Beauty makeup launch -- no, we don't usually eat our oatmeal with the First Family of reality TV), the eldest Kardashian sis shared her feelings on the falsie-filled, overly-contoured look that's come to be associated with their last name.

"I definitely go through phases of just being like, ugh I'm just so over makeup, I want [to go for] a more natural look, I don't want to be so glammed up or have my hair so done... but then I'll go back to the phase of, hey, now I'll put tons of makeup on, and I want my hair done... I think it just kind if depends on the mood."

Kardashian also admitted to watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians -- and taking beauty cues from old episodes. "I just happened to catch our show on at the hotel [this morning], and I saw I had a bright lip the whole episode and I was so over it -- and I was like, I'm not wearing a bright lip for two years," she laughed. "So we'll see what happens." You better believe we'll be keeping tabs on every single lip color she wears 'til November 6, 2016. It's on, KK. It's on.

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Another reason you may notice Kardashian shying away from the red lip? Her dapper baby daddy Lord Scott Disick apparently has a major aversion to the look and even once pleaded with her to wipe her lipstick off before a date night. Those Kardashian boyfriends sure have a lot to say about their ladies' looks, huh?