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Set Yourself Free with Jabra

No more tangles! Jabra wireless headphones and speakers make listening to music a completely hassle-free endeavor.
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You've got enough tying you down in life -- bills, appointments, work -- why should enjoying the music you love be another entanglement?

Jabra wants to set you free from the wires that are holding you down. Headphone chords can be such a drag, especially in winter when you're so loaded up on layers -- which is why you should pick up a pair of Jabra's stylish earphones.

They've got two key products that are bound to fit your lifestyle perfectly. First up? The REVO Wireless headphones, which boast an aluminum frame, steel hinges and a shatterproof headband -- perfect for extreme flexibility and ultimate durability. The second, the Sport Wireless+, is what you need to take on your jogs around the block. If you don't want to tote your music device along, Sport Wireless+ also has FM radio built in, FYI.

But Jabra doesn't just sell earphones. They've also got the Solemate, pictured above, which is great for sharing your music with a group. The dust- and splash-resistant model comes equipped with a rubber sole, which means you can take it anywhere without fear of destroying it.

And just because there are no wires doesn't mean the sound has been sacrificed. Jabra still delivers crisp, clean audio, no strings attached.

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