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Street Style: Beverly Looks Biker Chic in BLK DNM Leather

Beverly is aware that it's not 1973, but still, she's not too keen on jogging in a velour tracksuit.

Name: Beverly Fong.

What do you do? Assistant Editor.

What would you never be caught wearing? This is a little dated, but probably a velour sweatsuit.

What's your biggest vice? A pickleback.

What's your favorite word or expression? "Do it for the story."

What was the last song you listened to? "Drop the Game" by Flume and Chet Faker.

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If you could go to dinner with any celebrity, who would you choose? Joss Whedon, because I could ask him every question known to mankind about Buffy and probably never stop laughing at everything he would say.

What are you wearing? A BLK DNM jacket, Vena Cava dress, Phillip Lim bag, Club Monaco scarf, a Madewell hat and shoes from Etsy.

Photos by Ashley Jahncke

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