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Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy to Perform at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Sorry, Directioners.
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We've been waiting with bated breath for Victoria's Secret to announce the performance acts at this year's VS Fashion Show (really though, I think I've googled it, like, four times or something) -- and at last, we've got our answer.


Ok let me compose myself for a minute. Victoria's Secret has confirmed to us that Taylor Swift -- not, we repeat, NOT One Direction -- will be performing at the show, being filmed tomorrow in New York, and airing on CBS December 10. She'll be joined on the runway by Fall Out Boy, A Great Big World, and Neon Jungle.

Swift is certainly an interesting choice for the notoriously skin-baring show, considering her penchant for conservative party dresses and generally virginal, milquetoast public persona. And despite Swift's celebrity, the rest of the lineup feels a lot more scaled back than last year's -- which saw mega stars Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber getting a little raunchy alongside the scantily clad VS Angels (and spawning a thousand Biebs-model dating rumors). Not gonna lie, I had to Google A Great Big World... and I'm still not convinced I know who or what it is.

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On the other hand, if the Pink line really isn't doing so hot, picking Swift -- whose sometimes-rabid fan base consists largely of Pink's target consumer, teenaged girls (and 26-year-old fashion editors... no shame) -- is definitely a smart move.

Whatever though. Those VS peeps manage to put on an incredible show year after year (with or without Erin Heatherton... tear), and we're sure this one will be no different. And we'll be tuning in, if only to see whether the world implodes when twinsies Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are in the same room together. Hey, maybe they'll even share a little booty bump moment on the runway. Watch this space.