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The 5 Most-Viewed Collections of Fashion Month

Chanel and Saint Laurent can't be beat.
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Chanel and Saint Laurent can't be beat when it comes to the public's interest in fashion collections.

For the second season in a row, the French fashion houses topped's list of most-viewed collections. is one of the top online destinations for runway slideshows, so its list is as good a benchmark as any for ranking the most popular shows. (Livestream views are also good indicators. We came across some good data on those, though only for New York Fashion Week.)

We weren't surprised last season when Chanel came out on top in's rankings, nor are we this season: It's a global powerhouse, one of the most recognized brands in the world, and its shows -- particularly its show sets -- are consistently dazzling. However, it's interesting that Saint Laurent has remained on top for a second season given the divisiveness of Hedi Slimane's collections -- though that's likely the very reason so many are tuning in. As we know, his clothes are selling like hotcakes.

Beyond Chanel and Saint Laurent, the rankings also show an increasing interest in Raf Simons's work for Dior. Dior jumped up from the #10 spot to number five.

See the full top five, with page views, below. The full 10 will be on later today, and in when it hits newsstands Monday.

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