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The Pierre Bergé-Approved Yves Saint Laurent Biopic Looks Trés Bien

You need to watch this trailer, mostly because of all the archival Yves Saint Laurent. But also because of the drama.
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Earlier this year, there was buzz about a "rivalry" of sorts between two French Yves Saint Laurent biopics, both of which are due out next year.

One is Saint Laurent, which is being produced by Mandarin Cinema and Films Distribution and stars actor/model Gaspard Ulliel as Yves Saint Laurent and very of-the-moment actress/model Lea Seydoux as Loulou de la Falaise.

The other one, called Yves Saint Laurent, which is being produced by WY Productions and SND and starring Pierre Niney as the designer, has one significant advantage: the support of Saint Laurent's longtime business and romantic partner Pierre Bergé. Bergé has given the filmmakers access to Saint Laurent's expansive archives and many beautiful, genuine Yves Saint Laurent garments are being used in the film. We have a first look at it with the release of the trailer, below.

It's one of those trailers that really makes you want to see the film -- we all think it looks really, really, really good. And that is despite the fact that the trailer is entirely in French and none of us can understand what anyone's saying in it. Which must really mean it's good, right? Hopefully there will eventually be a subtitled version, both of the trailer and the film. But for now, watch below, en Francais.

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