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Tom Ford Designed 600 Pieces Exclusively for Justin Timberlake

Ever wonder what it would feel like to have Tom Ford as your personal stylist? Ask Justin Timberlake.

Ever wonder what it would feel like to have Tom Ford as your personal stylist? Ask Justin Timberlake, who has once again tapped the designer for exclusive designs, this time for his 20/20 World Experience Tour.

Ford created a jaw-dropping 600 individual pieces for the tour, which includes eight different outfits for Timberlake himself, and original looks for all the backup dancers, band members and vocalists. The 20/20 Experience World Tour kicks off in Brooklyn Wednesday (sadly, we did not manage to get tickets) before heading out on a 69-date run across North America and Europe. A rep for Ford confirms this will be the first time he has designed an entire wardrobe for a world tour.

So what drew Ford to Timberlake? "Justin has great personal style and knows what he wants which makes designing for him an absolute pleasure," Ford says in a statement issued to press. "He is a tremendous talent and has a kind of effortless cool that makes classic menswear tailoring modern." Of course, it probably helps that Timberlake has been something like a live-action Ken doll for Ford lately, who pulled off one of the greatest makeovers this side of Tai in Clueless.

Ford started designing for the pop superstar when he approached him in 2011, and he's been turning Timberlake into the Dapper Dan we see today ever since. He's already designed for Timberlake's "Suit and Tie" video, the 20/20 album artwork, and several of his performances to promote the album (including the 2013 Grammys), so it only makes sense that he would design for the accompanying tour.

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For us mere mortals, a Tom Ford suit starts in the $2,000 to $3,000 range -- and that's off the rack, to say nothing of custom work. Hopefully Timberlake is getting a discount for ordering in bulk (or, you know, being a celeb).

No word if Ford will also be providing the hair and makeup.