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Topshop to Launch Interactive Gift Guide With Pinterest

While a lot of sites these days seem to be getting redesigns to look and behave more like Pinterest, Topshop has gone ahead and collaborated directly with the popular social platform.
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While a lot of websites these days seem to be getting redesigns to look and behave more like Pinterest, Topshop is planning to import the image-sharing platform directly onto

The London-based retailer is using Pinterest to offer a new kind of holiday shopping experience for online visitors. Called "Dear Topshop," the campaign is basically an interactive gift guide. You tell it what you're looking for -- "a gift that will wow" for instance -- and it provides options. The integration doesn't launch until Friday, so we've yet to test the wow-ability of the resulting gifts.

"This holiday season our aim was to showcase key product and to facilitate the gifting process," Sheena Sauvaire, global head of marketing and communications at Topshop, said in a statement. "Pinterest, being a strong visual platform, was the ideal platform as it allows our customers to collect products and inspirations to share with family and friends."

Topshop also wants Pinners to get in on the action by pinning inspirational holiday-themed boards (which we're sure you were planning on doing anyway). Those boards can be entered into a contest to win prizes, including shopping sprees worth up to $1000. We recommend pinning at least a couple of Topshop products on your board if you want to win.

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It's not the first instance of a retailer experimenting with Pinterest to promote a product lineup -- J. Crew used it to roll out its September style guide this year -- and we're sure it won't be the last.