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Victoria Beckham Is Opening a New York Office

Victoria Beckham is expanding.
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Victoria Beckham is expanding.

Despite the fact that the former Spice Girl-turned-legitimate fashion designer only shows in New York, she doesn't have an office here. But that's all about to change.

Beckham's company plans to open its first office outside of London at 511 West 25th St. in Chelsea. The 4,500-square-foot space, which will be up and running by January, will house the U.S. wholesale team and a seasonal showroom. Located near the Highline, the space reportedly rents for a whopping $70 per square foot. (We're told this means the rent is $315,000 per year, $26,250 per month*.) Other tenants in the building include Tesla Motors and Target (what a perfect collaboration opportunity...).

The real estate addition signals significant U.S. growth for Beckham, who continues to be the gold standard of celebrity clothing designers. "Following a period of expansion for the brand in the [U.S.] market over the past two years, the launch of pre collections across all categories signaled a need for a permanent office in the U.S. to support the business," explained CEO Zach Duane. "We are looking forward to opening our first office outside of the UK and will be announcing the details of our U.S. team shortly."

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Sadly, we doubt this means the Beckhams, who recently moved from LA back to London, are moving to New York anytime soon. It's likely, however, that VB will be in New York more often -- and perhaps she'll finally make a cameo on Girls. Maybe we'll even see Shoshanna applying for an internship at the new office. You know Shosh is obsessed with Posh Spice.

*This article was updated to reflect that the rent is $315,000 per year, not per month.