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Did Victoria's Secret Send Antonio Berardi Pieces Down the Runway?

This dress looks very familiar.

We're used to seeing high hemlines at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show -- but this year's runway may have featured an element of high fashion, as well.

The astute folks at the Fashion Spot noticed two familiar looks from Antonio Berardi during the this year's event: One black dress on Cara Delevingne (pictured above) that is identical to a piece from Berardi's Spring 2010 show, as well as a pair of red embroidered leggings on Devon Windsor, which appear to be from the designer's Spring 2012 collection. These items were mixed in with the requisite angel wings and playful lingerie that are characteristic of the show, but to our knowledge, incorporating high-end designers into the VS runway looks isn't a regular occurrence.

As it turns out, the two brands actually share a stylist. Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou has been the creative director for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for the past three years -- meaning she conceptualizes each of the show's segments and themes -- and she was also listed as creative director in Berardi's show notes for Spring 2014. The stylist has also consulted for big names like Roland Mouret, Elie Saab and Anya Hindmarch, so she likely has plenty of archival pieces at her disposal.

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Part of the spectacle that is the VS Fashion Show is the amount of care that goes into each and every custom costume, so we're surprised that two of the show's looks seem to have already made an appearance on a Fashion Week runway.

Antonio Berardi did not immediately respond to our request for comment.