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Inside the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Isabel Marant x H&M Is a Hit, Tom Ford Offers Career Advice

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The Sexiest Show on Earth: From the super sexy runway getups to behind-the-scenes Instagrams and super skimpy after-party outfits, we've got your inside look at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Beauty Secrets of the Angels: And speaking of Victoria's Secret, ever wondered how the Angels look so, well... heavenly? Find out the best beauty tips and tricks they've picked up on the job, straight from the girls themselves.

Isabel Marant x H&M Came... and Went: The collaboration we'd been waiting for was gone before we knew it, despite the strictly enforced shopping rules and immediate resales. Here's how the collection could impact Marant's career in the long run.

Short Hair, Don't Care: Stop wussing out -- you (yes, you!!) can totally pull off a pixie cut. Celeb hair stylist Sascha Breuer has some advice to consider before you make the chop.

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