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Watch Deal-Hungry Shoppers Nearly Kill Each Other on Thanksgiving

Violence is never the answer, guys.

Shoppers who couldn't wait until Thanksgiving was over to try and score a great holiday deal ventured out in droves last night to a number of nationwide retailers that opened their doors earlier than ever this year. From New York City (the Macy's in Herald Square is pictured above) to all the way down in Puerto Rico, men and women would stop at nothing to get the items on their holiday wish lists -- even if that meant knocking others out cold, it seems.

Pushing and shoving are tame compared to what went on last night, with arrests being reported in a handful of cities, and in the most extreme cases, parking lot shootings at a Kohl's in a suburb of Chicago and outside a Target in Las Vegas. Read on to watch the wildest shopping footage we've seen so far from across the country this Thanksgiving.

Truth be told, this isn't entirely different from the scene at the Isabel Marant for H&M editors' preview a couple of weeks ago -- nor any different than we'd behave if Net-a-Porter opened a brick-and-mortar store for its Black Friday deals.

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