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What Would Blair Waldorf Wear to Marry Seth Cohen?

It's like all of our teenage dreams -- and simultaneously, all of our teenage nightmares -- are coming true.
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By now, you may have heard the big news: Adam Brody, who played our forever-crush Seth Cohen on The OC, and Leighton Meester, aka our tights muse Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, are engaged, People has confirmed. It's like all of our teenage dreams -- and simultaneously, all of our teenage nightmares -- are coming true. Sure, we've known they were dating for a while -- but with neither currently starring in a teen soap opera, it hasn't always been at the forefront of our thoughts. (Hard to believe, we know.) I mean, what the hell! Seth was supposed to be with Summer forever! And Blair, Chuck! Ugh, life is so cruel sometimes.

Whatever though. As Alyssa points out, at the very least, there's a decent chance Blair would have liked Seth for his family's money -- and since she had that fling with Dan, who was also an outsider at school, it could maaaaybe work out between the two of them. Sure, Blair might choose headbands and scheming over adorable toy horses and coffee cart love confessions, but... Seriously though, how will this even work out? Will Dorota be the ring bearer? Are Serena and Ryan gonna get tipsy and make out at the reception? How could Chuck let this happen??? OK, now we're crying again.

But moving on. We thought it'd be fun to choose a wedding gown for Blair Meester's big day, based on -- what else! -- the two she wore on GG. Because, lest we forget, Blair got married twice in one season: First to Prince Louis Grimaldi, and later (though not by very much) to Mr. Bass.

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To marry the Prince of Monaco, she wore a floaty Vera Wang ball gown that was very... un-Blair. Less like her character, still, was the hair: wavy and unkempt, like she's just been on a gallop with Captain Oats. Since when is Blair into boho? Yes, the dress was lovely, but maybe a bit too OTT for Seth's taste. I mean, can you picture getting married in your yard in that dress? Not that Blair would let that fly, anyway but... Still, Seth would definitely dig the hair. Summer usually wore her hair down, too. Aw, Summer...

For her marriage to Chuck Bass (i.e. the only wedding that matters), Blair went in the opposite direction -- choosing a hand-beaded, powder blue Elie Saab couture gown. She looked stunning; super grown-up and elegant. Her hair was done in a sleek updo with a bejeweled olive branch band -- very Blair. Seth would HATE IT. Seriously, we doubt Kirsten Cohen would even wear something this conservative to one of her weekly charity parties.

Actually, maybe Kirsten would wear Blair's blue dress to the wedding. It's totally MILF-of-the-groom material. Not that she'd ever need to borrow one, but it'd be a nice peace offering on Blair's part. It'd be tough watching your son marry off to any girl who wasn't Summer Roberts, just being honest. Also, like, does Blair really deserve getting Sandy Cohen as a father-in-law? Does she, though?

But really, we wish Brody and Meester well (IRL, that is) -- with many happy Chrismukkahs to come. Mazel, kiddos. XOXO...