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13 Pieces of Evil Eye Jewelry to Get You Through the Scariest Day of the Year

Who knew being evil could be so cute?
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There's a very good possibility that you've been so wrapped up in thinking about the holidays and what brand of champagne to bring to Taylor Swift's 24th birthday party (it's today, btw) that you've failed to notice what else the calendar had in store for you: It's Friday the 13th, beetches! Are you scared now? You should be.

To help ward off all the misfortune and general malevolence that's sure to come to you today, we've rounded up 13 pieces of jewelry featuring the warder-offer of all things terrible, the evil eye. The story goes that anyone who looks directly into it will find him- or herself in a pretty bad place -- thus protecting the wearer from scary stuff.

From dainty and delicate to statement-making and summer-campy, these optical little bobbles prove that there's a cute side to evil, after all.

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(Oh, and if your invite to Swifty's party happened to get "lost in the mail," feel free to blame it on the date.)