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A Grown-Up's Guide to Capturing the Teenage Cool in the New Spring 2014 Saint Laurent Ads

Leather jackets and bobby socks for the over-15 set. It works, we tell you!

At this point in the game, you're either on Team Slimane at Saint Laurent or you're not. Detractors think Hedi is an overrated prima donna, peddling rebellious youth culture at exorbitant prices, while fans counter that he's creating some of the most perfect rock 'n roll pieces ever to hit the market.

As someone who's always been a punk at heart and, for some insane reason, now does't mind paying such high prices for things that will help facilitate my transition from Riot Grrrl-forever to a grown-up who doesn't dress like a soccer mom... I'm staunchly in the latter camp.

So when the ads for the Saint Laurent Spring 2014 campaign dropped today -- lensed by Slimane -- it was love at first sight. They may not feature famous faces or music luminaries like in the past -- no Courtney Love, no Marilyn Manson, no Sky Ferreira -- but the images, shot in black and white per usual, still capture the same defiant attitude.

Models Natalie Westling, Nastya Sten and Jeff Fribourg pout and pose for the camera, and in the accompanying video (above), set to the tune of Cherry Glazerr's "Teenage Girl," they look so awesomely louche. It's like they're all members of some tough (but very chic) '50s gang. It makes you want to skip class and smoke in the parking lot.

To that end, here are some tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life to achieve some of Slimane's signature style of throwback cool.

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A signature hair move will get you far. This shot looks like one of those slow-motion sequences from teen movies in which the Dream Girl emerges from the pool or descends dramatically down the stairs. There's a lesson here: A good hair flip makes for excellent drama, especially when you're alone in your bedroom and no one is watching. But seriously, piece-y, wild bed head is a sure-fire shortcut to cool, so take this opportunity to pick up some Sachajuan Ocean Mist spray, posthaste. And buy a leopard bedspread. It will make you feel tough even while you're, say, sitting in a meeting. While people drone on about analytics you'll be thinking to yourself, "I'm not one of you, I have a leopard bedspread."

Speaking of leopard print, own some. And mix it with stripes. As noted above, nothing reads "I break the rules" more than a cat print. Notice that Slimane's version stays far, far away from cheap-looking rockabilly iterations -- the scale is perfect and the metallic sheen gives it some polish. Add a tube top in a contrasting pattern for a look that telegraphs both that you don't care (I mean, who wears tube tops?) and that you possess impressive styling skills if, one of these days, you wanted to care. There's also something strangely attitudinal about a short sock with a flat. And when given the opportunity, never sit. Sprawl. Like you just fell out of a very high window.

Never let them see into your soul. Who needs to see out of both eyes? Not Veronica Lake, and certainly not anyone in the Slimane crowd. A very deep, face-concealing side part provides both mystery and is flatteringly face-framing. For the eye that is visible, consider doing a heavy cat eye. Alexa Chung recently made a tutorial on how to do it if you need guidance. Best of all, you don't even have to do both eyes (the hardest part of using liquid liner anyway). Problem = solved. This sultry beauty combo offsets a masculine tux jacket quite nicely, FYI.

A leather jacket trumps all. OK, so this is a dude. But he no less demonstrates the point that a moto jacket clearly sets you apart from any "squares" (as does a peroxide quiff, but we don't expect anyone to make that kind of commitment). There is also something especially interesting here about the idea of a) buttoning up your shirt all the way and b) wearing a thin black belt. People won't be able to tell if you're a greaser or just a minimalist, which isn't the worst thing to keep them wondering about.