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A Look Back at the Biggest Beauty Trends of 2013

Here are the beauty trends that made us say, "Ooh!", "Um...," and "WTF" in 2013, as well as our predictions for their longevity.

As we face the end of another year, it's time to take a look back at all the things we've done to ourselves at the salon in 2013. While there were a few extreme trends (looking at you, grillz), in general it's been a pretty wearable year. (Perhaps it was a course correction in the direction of simplicity because of all that hair chalking and nail texturizing we did in 2012.)

So here are the beauty trends that made me say, "Ooh!", "Um...," and "WTF" in 2013, as well as my predictions for their longevity. Sound off in the comments if I missed anything you think deserves a shout-out.

Photos: Getty/Imaxtree

Pixie Cuts:

Just as I'm growing out mine, the pixie emerged as the biggest celebrity hair trend of 2013. Even Pamela Anderson chopped off all her hair. Could the Victoria's Secret Angels be next?

Prediction: All kidding aside, I don't think many more high-profile celebrities will be chopping their hair off. It already feels anticlimactic. Perhaps 2014 will be the year of the hair extension, as all these ladies deal with the onerous task of growing their crops.

Mohawk Braid:

Fendi showed furhawks on its fall 2013 runway, anchored by a protruding three-dimensional braid that ran the length of the models' heads. This braid then popped up on several celebrities over the course of the year, and of course, Pinterest took it from there.

Prediction: Women love braids, but this one seems overworked and overwrought to me --it's more trendy than classic for sure. Someone will figure out a braid that hasn't been done yet.

Matte Lipstick:

Matte lipstick was everywhere in 2013 -- the runway, the red carpet, and your local drugstore. Sorry, lip gloss.

Prediction: Makeup artists and beauty editors still love a matte lip, so I expect it to still be a thing in 2014. But perhaps lip balm sales will go up? Matte wreaks havoc on your lips.

Segmented Ponytail:

Blake Lively killed it at the Met Ball with her segmented pony this year. It's since popped up a lot, and Rooney Mara took it to a very futuristic level.

Prediction: I personally love how this looks, but let's face it: It's trendy. There are only so many ways to make it look original, so it will probably fade out in 2014.

(Also, Nora would like to point out that Princess Jasmine was the OG segmented ponytail wearer. Credit where it's due.)

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Geometric Manicures:

Call it the "anti-nail art" nail art. Rather than a million colors, textures and patterns, manicurists (like Jin Soon Choi, who made this style her signature) and nail polish aficionados have been taking a more pared down route with only two colors and geometric patterns.

Prediction: This looks classy, reads as subtle, and is relatively easy to DIY, so I would expect to see it around still in 2014.

Michelle Obama's Bangs:

OK, so this trend was limited to one woman, but it was arguably the biggest story of the inauguration in January.

Prediction: Mobama already grew the bangs out, but I feel like she's going to surprise us with one last hair statement prior to Obama leaving office.

Grillz on Girlz:

Teeth art was the new nail art for many pop stars in 2013.

Prediction: Any accessory that encourages you to make that face (see Katy and Rita above) should be banned from red carpets immediately.

Platinum Hair:

Everyone hit the bleach bottle this year (including me). The required maintenance is unsustainable for a long period of time, Gwen Stefani notwithstanding.

Prediction: I was speaking to a celebrity hair colorist a few weeks ago who told me she was sick of making everyone platinum. Which tells me that people are still asking for it frequently.

Bold Brows:

It was all about the shaggy brow this year, if the number of "How To Get Cara's Brow" articles I've seen online this year are any indication. (Hint: Don't pluck, and brush the inner edges of your brow up.)

Predictions: While the '90s are still influencing beauty and fashion, I don't think it's going to come back to your brows. Leave 'em alone.