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Alexa Chung Makes a Makeup Tutorial... Kind Of

"Luckily, I've looked at enough cats to work out how to do [my eyeliner]," says Chung.
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If you've always wanted to know how Alexa Chung manages to get her eye makeup looking so impecable every single day, you're in luck too bad. As part of the campaign for her new liquid liner and mascara collaboration with Eyeko (via Daily Mail), Chung appears in a video that's being billed as a tutorial to help fans recreate her signature cat eye look.

"Luckily, I've looked at enough cats to work out how to do it," she begins, before bringing the tip of the liner up towards her face. One point, Chung.

Only problem is, her entire face is already completely done up and perfect-looking before the camera's even rolling (thanks to steady handed makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, whose name pops up in the ending credits).

"...and it's done!" Chung exclaims some lightning-fast 28 seconds later, seeming as simultaneously thrilled and bewildered as viewers surely will be. "That's it, that's my makeup tutorial. Heh heh!" To anyone actually attempting to recreate that flawless flick from this clip... our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

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