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Barbie Gets a Plus-Size Makeover, Mariah Carey Wears a Bikini in Snow, and Kanye West Loves Kanye West

Whether you're stuck in your cubicle or curled up with a cup of hot cocoa at home, here's all the fashion news you need to know.
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Is this plus-size Barbie the answer to weight diversity or is it just another bad example for young girls? {HuffPo}

Thirteen people have officially been charged following last year's tragic Tazreen factory fire in Bangladesh. {WWD, sub. req.}

Legendary crooner and mommy Mariah Carey is spending the holidays in snowy Aspen, CO. So why is she wearing a bikini to take her pup on a walk?! {US Weekly}

It appears Kanye West never gets tired of Kanye West. Watch Kanye West rock out with Drake after his own Kanye West concert while listening to Kanye West and wearing Kanye West tour merch. {FourPins}

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