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Shopping the Post-Christmas Day Sales: Our Top 30 Picks

Oh, after-Christmas sales: A time to stock up on cashmere and buy those runway pieces we couldn't afford at full price.

Oh, after-Christmas sales. It's both an exciting and a trying time: Exciting because there are great items to be had at very good prices, and trying because it's hard to stay focused on buying what I need, versus what merely strikes my fancy.

(I'm doing okay so far: I bought this Reed Krakoff bag, discounted from $1,390 to $556, which I'm still a little on the fence about -- the money was set aside for a Mansur Gavriel tote; and these Alexander Wang wedges, down from $755 to $340, to replace the wedges I broke last year. I'm also sorely pining for this green Burberry trench, on sale at a still-pricey $1,950 -- and which I simply can't justify buying, given that my cotton J.Crew trench works just fine. But oh, isn't it spectacularly pretty?)

Alyssa, meanwhile, takes advantage of the discounts to pick up runway items she couldn't stomach the thought of buying at full price. (She's still waiting for these Isabel Marant boots to go a little further on sale.)

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We've exhaustively combed through the sales sections of many of our favorites sites, and rounded up our top 30 sales picks in the slideshow below. If there's any standout items we've missed, please let us know about it in the comments below.